Apple’s September event has come and gone, and as is usually the case, critics are hitting hard and fanboys are being just as loud. Stocks have dipped, but we know that people are lining up as early as now for the newest iPhones to hit the shelves. Crazy is as crazy does, so they say.

Apple TV

In spite of the strong focus on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, we cannot overlook the fact that Apple does have other products! The Apple TV may not be the most exciting thing in tech these days, but it certainly is not something to disregard.

So, while most everyone is either ranting or raving about the new iPhones, known Apple enthusiast MG Siegler drops a note about the new Apple TV.

Apple TVObviously, this is not an official statement from Apple, but anyone who has followed @parislemon and the scene for a while would know that there there is probably something to this statement. Of course, other pundits and analysts are quick to jump into the fray, with Gene Munster even going as far as to say that Apple is “working on a full-fledged television“.

IF that were to happen, that would be the bombshell of bombshells this year, but I think we can all agree that it’s not a likely occurrence. (I hope I don’t end up having to eat my hat in a month or so.)

Still, the chances of seeing a revamped Apple TV are high, especially if we think back on how Apple  launched the Apple TV 3 and the iPad 3 last year. It sure is a different year, but we know how these things have a way of repeating themselves.

So are you looking forward to seeing a new Apple TV? Are you thinking of getting one, or are you sticking with getting a new iPhone instead?

[Image via Animation Carnival]