Who doesn’t love a good barbecue? A little camping trip with the family and some sausages gently sizzling away? Then there’s the question, which barbecue should we use? Gas or Charcoal? Which is better for the environment? Which gives a better taste? Well what if you could have a complete portable oven to cook your meals wherever you are and you don’t need any fuel source at all. Only daylight?

The GoSun stove is a solar powered portable oven that can reach scorching heats of up to 700F (371C). Couple that with the fact that this sci-fi looking oven can fit in a healthy 3lbs (1.4kg) of food or 53oz (1.6l) fluids and you have an extremely capable cooking appliance.


How Does It Work?

The part of the stove that contains the food or liquid is tubular with a slide out tray to hold whatever is to be heated. The lining of the thermal shock resistant glass tube consists of copper, aluminum and stainless steel. These metals will help conduct heat throughout the tube, cooking its contents evenly and thoroughly. But where does the heat come from? You guessed it, the sun. The casing or backing to the cooking tube is made up of parabolic mirrors which are well known to be excellent solar collectors. The curved shape of the mirrors concentrate the heat from the sun to reach a far higher temperature than an average flat plate. This heat is directed towards the center of the cooking tube and after ten minutes to preheat in the sunshine, families can enjoy up to 6 hot dog sausages cooked in as little as ten minutes.

Where Can I Get One?

Although the solar oven isn’t out just yet, KickStarter are taking pre-orders from eco-sympathetic campers who can’t wait to get their hands on one.

The stove isn’t the cheapest item on the market. At $279 per oven, it will definitely take some usage to get a return on investment. For those who have smaller needs and shallower pockets, there’s the smaller model – the $79 GoSun Mini.