It has emerged that Google co-founder Sergey Brin and his wife Anne Wojciciki are living apart. A spokesperson for the couple confirmed that “they have been living apart for several months. They remain good friends and partners.”

Brin and his wife, who is co-founder of the company 23andMe, are both 40 years old and have two children. Although there has been no legal separation, the situation has been made more complicated by reports that Brin has become romantically involved with another Google employee.

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Google co-founder Brin with wife Anna Wojcicki during happier times

The employee is said to be Google’s marketing manager, 26 year old Amanda Rosenberg. Ms Rosenberg was also reported to have dated former Google executive Hugo Barra, who is leaving Android for a position at the China-based company Xiaomi. Close friends of Barra deny Brin and Rosenberg’s new relationship is the reason for his departure.

However, sources claim that a prenuptial agreement between Brin and Wojciciki prevent there being any material impact on Google if the pair were to eventually divorce. According to Forbes, Brin is worth $22.8 billion and holds nearly $21 billion worth of Google shares, the majority of which are Class B stock which have more voting power.

amanda rosenberg

Amanda Rosenberg – the 26 year old Google Glass Marketing Manager Brin is rumoured to be dating now

Although Brin and Wojcicki have many other business ventures, a spokesperson has said they will continue to work on them together.

Despite Wojcicki’s sister Susan being one of the top executives at Google, she is not directly supervised by Brin. Instead he has recently devoted his time to Google[x], the division dedicated to projects such as driverless cars, Project Glass and Project Loon.

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