Who wants an iPad? Practically everyone I know. I do know for sure that I am very happy with my iPad 3, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world – except for an iPad Mini with a Retina screen, that is. For sure, I would NOT trade it in for a Surface. Microsoft thinks, though, that it can give iPad users a better deal with their new promotion: trade in your iPad, and you’ll get a Microsoft Surface for practically free.


Well, not really, as you only get a $200 gift card for the Microsoft store if you turn in your iPad – 2, 3, or 4. Granted, that amount is the minimum they’ll give you, with the number varying depending on how used your Apple tablet is. You have the brilliant options of getting a Surface RT or Pro, which ranges from $349 to $799. So yeah, if you go for the lowest end model, then you only have to dish out $149 for a new Microsoft tablet.

What’s the catch?

Do we really have to go there? The better question is: “Why would anyone in his right mind want to trade in an iPad for a Microsoft Surface?” Really!

On a more objective note, the probable reason behind this almost month-long promo is that Microsoft has a surplus of tablets in stock. With their event having been announced – which will very like announce a new line of Surface tablets – they need to get rid of existing stock. This obviously means that if you bite and trade in your iPad for a Surface, what you will be getting is already obsolete. Still, in this fast paced tech world, obsolete is not always that bad. (Unless you actually throw away your iPad for a Surface.)

This tablet trade promo is valid from September 5 to October 27 of this year, so if you have always been itching to try out the Surface, and you are totally unsatisfied with your iPad, here’s your chance!

[Image via Land of the Freeish]