Rumors about the Nexus 5 and the Android KitKat 4.4 operating system being unveiled in October have been circulating for quite some time now. Because of this, when Google began sending out invitations to handpicked media outlets to join them at a special event, tongues began to wag about the imminent reveal of hardware. Unfortunately for tech lovers, Google have categorically stated that their event, titled A Night Out With Google Play will not play stage to any new hardware meet and greet. Instead the event will focus on allowing the media to get fully acquainted with the new Google Play Store featuring music, movies and games along with a special performance.

What Will ‘A Night Out With Google Play’ Reveal?

While the likes of are all reiterating Google’s statement that A Night Out With Google Play will not be a platform for the official launch of the Nexus 5 or KitKat 4.4, others are not completely convinced.

Many fingers pointed towards the Nexus 5 being unveiled alongside the KitKat and those same fingers had the date of October 28, 2013 in mind. It seems highly unlikely that Google would ask the media to attend two events in such a short amount of time so logic would suggest that the night out with Google Play could have an ulterior purpose. Fuelling this notion is the fact that earlier in the year, Google invited the press to an event (Breakfast with Sundar) with a similar vagueness to surprise the world with a hardware announcement. Lastly, the event will come hot on the heels of the Nexus 5 being leaked on Google Play itself. Saturday, October 19 saw the Nexus 5 being listed for the briefest of times in the Google Play Store. Although the listing was removed almost as soon as it was put up, a Verge forum user managed to screenshot the image of the listing which showed a scale image of the Nexus 5 with prices beginning at $349 for the handset.

Thankfully A Night Out With Google Play will take place in New York City at 7pm (EST) on October 24,2013 so everything will be revealed (or not) shortly.

[Image via Gear Burn]