Well you could say we had it coming.  Nothing in this world stays free for long and it looks as though finally Google has got us where it wants us, right in the advertisers sights!  News has emerged that those really nice people over at Google will now be finally targeting us meek consumers and will barrage us with mountains of email advertisements.

gmail ads

According to an APK teardown, Google will now be introducing advertisements to Gmail for Android in Version 4.6 of the popular e-mail application.  Android Police has carried out an APK teardown of Google’s latest Gmail for Android update and the results are very interesting indeed.  Gmail 4.6’s most noteworthy alteration will be the introduction of adverts to the Android app.

Prior to this, the app has always been granted the novelty of no adverts.  The APK suggests that adverts will be saveable for users to choose whether they want to save or dismiss an advert that appears in your inbox.  Another feature in the update is the inclusion of an unsent message warning in your ‘Sent’ box.

Users can now check via the ‘Sent’ box instead of their ‘Outbox’ in order to receive the warning message.  Android app users will also be given the first initial of their contact’s name when a display picture is not available.  This I find interesting and pointlessly quirky at the same time.

The option to cancel a message you are about to send has been removed from the screen and instead a user can now press the back button.  This I will find useful, as no doubt you will too.  Android Police’s final APK teardown discovery is the User Interface icons will now appear darker than before.  More teardowns of Google apps such as YouTube and Hangouts are to be expected soon.  Earlier this year Google updated Gmail for Desktop, Android and iOS bringing a new-look User Interface to consumers.

[Image via: rottmann ]

SOURCE: http://www.t3.com/news/ads-to-be-introduced-to-gmail-for-android