For anyone who has driven round aimlessly staring out of the window waiting for the tell-tale signs of somebody finally leaving a parking spot, Anagog could be the answer to your dreams. Yaron Aizenbud created the smartphone based system which already has around 100,000 users back in Israel. The idea of the app is to let people know where the nearest vacant parking spaces are as well as the parking spaces that are about to become vacant.

Never Be Stuck For A Parking Spot Again Thanks To Anagog

The Hardware

In actual fact, there isn’t any hardware involved with Anagog. Users simply have to download the app which will run in the background of their mobile device and they are good to go. The main key to using Anagog effectively is that there must be other users of the app. Users will only see when other users of the app leave a space, nobody else. So it is imperative for as many people as possible to use the app in order for it to become a success.

Aizenbud is keeping his cards close to his chest when it comes to the exact technology behind the space finding app. However, it’s clear that the app detects the motion of the smartphone to be able to tell whether or not the driver of a vehicle has parked the car, got out and walked away. It also senses when the user is walking back towards their car. When this happens, any other Anagog user in the vicinity will be alerted that somebody is just about to leave the space.

Never Be Stuck For A Parking Spot Again Thanks To Anagog

Already Being Used

The technology behind Anagog is already being used in popular apps such as FindMyCar and the EasyPark service in Europe and the US. Couple with this with the apps popularity in Israel already and it looks as though there could be a serious place for the app. All that Aizenbud is the funding to bring the app to a more world wide audience.

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