Apple’s iPad latest event may still have the critics in their nitpicking mode, but there is a LOT to be happy about – not the least of which is the fact that the newest OS, Mavericks, is available as a free upgrade. For Mac users who may not have been too excited about upgrading to the latest Mac OS, this free upgrade makes the switch a no brainer.


It is common knowledge that the personal computing industry has always made money out of OS software. This definitely includes upgrading to the latest OS. Whether its Mac or Windows you’re talking about, money is always involved. No doubt, Apple has rocked the boat with this move to FREE.

As Apple’s SVP Craig Federighi said, though, “Free is good.”

It certainly is good for us users and for Apple, but not everyone is going to benefit from the turn of events – specifically Windows.

To start off, it’s hard to fight against free, and if that free thing is actually good (which in this case it is), then the competition has its work cut out. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who is thinking of purchasing a new computer, whether as an individual or as a representative of a business entity.

If you do a cost analysis comparing the costs of getting a Mac and a PC, looking at the long-term would put the former on top. Of course, the initial cost will still be higher, but with the current OS pricing models – free versus having to pay for upgrades – then Windows gets the short end of the stick.

Then comes the issue of fragmentation. It is expensive to upgrade Windows, so users are spread out over the different versions. This means developers have to deal with the numerous OS versions.

Last, we cannot ignore the fact that iLife and iWork are now free. Okay, I am the first one to admit that Microsoft Excel is still much better than Numbers, but Apple making its productivity suite free is huge – especially compared with the almost hundred dollar price tag (per year!) on Office 365.

Would you be enticed to switch to Mac because of these developments?

[Image via Apple]