Created by the Italy-based design studio Digital Habit(s), P.A.C.O is a minimalist Bluetooth speaker that boasts for gestural controls. The components of the loudspeaker is fabricated in concrete and a special type of wooden material called the Fir Harmonic Board. These materials directly influence the excellence of the sound conveyed through the speaker; the concrete provides a deeper bass sound while the wood provides a warm tone to the treble noise. The combination of the two creates clarity without compromise.


Other than its Bluetooth controls, P.A.C.O. can be manipulated through the speaker’s gesture interface. Some of the movements include placing and holding one’s hand over one side of the sensor—this can be used for increasing or decreasing the volume. Another gesture involves placing the user’s hand above the sensor to stop or play the music. With the wave of one’s hand, this speaker can be enjoyed with various movements for fun and leisure.

This innovative product comes with a 3.5” speaker and a 2” surface transducer. P.A.C.O. has a 2×6 power amplifier, increasing its sound quality for better user experience.


As revealed by Design You Trust, the P.A.C.O. speaker is an open source material, just like the other products from Digital Habit(s). This means that these items are open to changes and developments that any user can apply to it. But the designs are all covered by a non-commercial Creative License. This means that while P.A.C.O. is encouraged to be improved, redistributed, optimized and used as a foundation for a new design, these items cannot be sold commercially.

Bluetooth Speaker P.A.C.O Makes Use Of Gesture Controls

Digital Habit(s) states that this project highlights the distinction between an electronic product meant for display and typical use, and an innovative item that offers something more. With its minimalist design, P.A.C.O. becomes a companion for music enthusiasts craving for new products that are out of the ordinary. Any user can make use of this product with iOS and Android OS; it is compatible with different digital devices connected wirelessly using Bluetooth.

[Image via Design-Milk]