After the recent release of Samsung’s ‘Round’ smartphone, the first smart phone with a curved screen to be released, it seems that LG are almost ready to unveil their very own version of the curved display smart phone next month (November, 2013) some time.  There has been a lot of speculation about the curved display smart phone by LG, known as the G-Flex. Earlier in the year, LG showed off some flexible display technology at the SID and since then it seems they have been busy incorporating this technology for their new smart phone.


The technology that was shown previously for the flexible display seemed to have much more scope than what the finished product will be this time round. Although the curve is present on the phone, it won’t be flexible, but a rigid structure although the display will be lighter than traditional displays which could be one advantage to the user. This means that although there is flexible display technology, the phone itself will not be bendable which could make it difficult to carry in the pocket. A problem that is already being seen with the larger smart phones and tablets.

Recently, renders of the G-Flex have been leaked, confirming the 6 inch display which will curve from the top to bottom of the phone as rumors indicated. The fact that the curve runs from the top of the phone to the bottom rather than from left to right as the Samsung Round does means that the G-Flex follows the contours of the users face.

Curved screens are already being used for large screen televisions and with the outbreak of the first curved display smart phone, surely more will follow. Both Samsung and LG have openly shown that they are working on technology for fully flexible screens and it seems that as soon as the technology giants have found a way to produce parts that are cheap enough to market commercially, the world of flexible, bendable mobile technology will really take off.

[Image via Digital Trends]