Last weekend was a silly slash stupid movie weekend, and I finally saw The Internship, which I really would not recommend to anyone who does not have a huge sense of humor. It was silly funny, as only Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson can be, but don’t expect anything else. One thing that stood out, naturally, was the hype about just how fun it is to work at the Google campus. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

Facebook Building A $120-Million Company Town

In the future, if you want such an experience but don’t want to give Google a go (let’s just assume you can actually make it), you might want to turn to Zuckerberg and his Facebook building project. The social networking giant has announced plans to build a company town, costing a whopping $120 million. The Facebook company town is going to be built in Menlo Park, California, within walking distance to the existing offices.

The building project is meant to provide housing for Facebook employeed. Anton Menlo is the housing community’s name, and it covers 630,000 square feet. Aside from housing units, the company town is going to include all the amenities that one would want within the neighborhood. From laundry shops to pet care to bars to yoghurt shops – name it, the town will have it.

Street View
This kind of setup is not unknown when it comes to the tech giants of today. After all, they want to create an atmosphere that is conducive to creativity – and getting the most out of their employees. The idea is to take away the hassle of mundane things and have people focus on work.

Now if you lean towards conspiracy theories and are thinking that this is a bribe to entice employees not to leave the company, a spokesperson from Facebook has said that that is not the case. While that may very well be the case, the new Facebook housing community is sure to make people want to stay.

[Images via WSJ]