Features such as High speed web browsing and airborne streaming make Gogo an indispensable element of any tech infatuated traveller’s itinerary.  The world leader of in-flight connectivity and a pioneer in wireless in-flight digital entertainment solutions, Gogo has partnered with Magnolia Pictures to offer their movies to airline passengers through Gogo Vision. The content will include pre-theatrical and theatrical release titles, a first for Gogo.

GoGo Vision: In-Flight Movies Before Theatres

You could be watching films Like Anchorman 2 on a plane, before it hits the cinemas.

The deal, just announced, will put select films on its Gogo Vision VOD service before they arrive in theatres. Starting from next month, airline passengers will be able to rent two brand new movies for the usual fee of $3.99 each, which will be available ahead of  their theatrical release. Whilst it is unlikely that these foundational movies will break any box office records, the influx of early access content will certainly be an advantage for passengers who forgot to bring a book. “We are excited to be working with Gogo and their innovative Gogo Vision platform. Airline passengers can finally have the same early window access to our amazing films that has been available in virtually every home, every mobile device and many hotels across the country,” Eamonn Bowles, President of Magnolia Pictures, said.


Starting in November, passengers on select aircraft will have access to THE LAST DAYS ON MARS, a sci-fi thriller starring Liev Schreiber (Ray Donavan, X-Man Origins: Wolverine), before it is released theatres. They will also have access to BEST MAN DOWN, a comedy starring Justin Long (Live Free or Die Hard) and Tyler Labine (Tucker and Dale Vs Evil).

Gogo Vision enables passengers to rent movies and television shows and then stream them to their own Wi-Fi enabled devices. Passengers can select from a library of more than 100 programs from some of Hollywood’s major studios. Renting movies through Gogo Vision starts at $3.99 and only $.99 for a TV show.  For passengers who do not finish their program onboard the aircraft, Gogo Vision has a nice feature that allows passengers to finish watching their program on the ground for a 24-hour period on the same device on which they rented the content.

“We continue to enhance and improve the offerings that passengers can find on Gogo Vision…Magnolia has a strong history of bringing cutting edge and compelling content to market. Having pre-theatrical and theatrical releases available to passengers is a first for Gogo and it will help assure that there’s always something fresh and exciting for passengers to watch when they use Gogo Vision.” Gogo’s chief commercial officer, Ash ElDifrawi, sai

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