Whereas most drivers are used to seeing their dashboard screens with rear-view cameras, Bluetooth phones and radio, one driver in Belgium gets to have a whole new different dash digital display. Walter Vanhaertent is the newest to own a hybrid vehicle that is bred with an artistic machinery.

Lexus’ IS 300h car is built with a screen that paints auto-generated portraits of its own driver. The portraits are created real time as long as the driver is behind the wheel.


This experiment cum marketing tactic is created with Art is Motion, a project that utilizes a specially developed software that measures the user’s driving style and converts the data into digital colorful brushwork inspired from the art of the Spanish artist Sergio Abliac. The information is derived between the balance of the fuel use, acceleration and speed. For instance, if the driver accelerates fast, the portrait wil be rendered with blazing red brush strokes. A more serene driving mode results in cooler, blue hues. The speedier the car goes, the more the illustration is drawn in abstract. Greater detailing is achieved when the driver chooses to go slowly.


This car feature is created and developed by the Belgian agency Happiness Brussels as part of its own marketing experiment. The results are displayed on the Art Is Motion website, which contains portraits of Vanhaerent and recreations of the driver’s past records. This allows viewers to see how he drove on a specific day.

It is no surprise that Walter Vanhaerent himself is an art lover. Known to be an art collector, he can now produce masterpieces of his own right in his very own car.


For those who are interested in owning this one-of-a-kind vehicle, you can bit for it on the site. This bid also allows you to be registered for any auction of the vehicle in the future.


[Images via Art Is Motion]