In 2004, work on the Martin Jetpack began. Now it looks like ten years after the project was started, the 12th prototype of the flying machine will be delivered. Glenn Martin, founder of the New Zealand Based Martin Aircraft company has been working on his dream to build the first commercial jetpack for over 30 years. Now it looks as though his dream will come to fruition next year after officials finally allowed the aircraft team to perform a manned test.

12th Prototype of Martin Jetpack Expected in 2014

Jetpack Specs

The Martin Jetpack is propelled using ducted fans. The repositioning of these fans is apparently the huge step forward in the performance and maneuverability of the jetpack which has made it possible to be released in 2014.

The jetpack will be able to reach a height of around 3,000 feet where it will be able to travel for approximately 30 minutes at a maximum of 46mph (74km/h). However it’s advisable that pilots maintain a height of 500 ft. in order to allow the safety systems time to activate and do their job in time. Officials say that if the pilot maintains a speed of around 35mph (56km/h) for 30 minutes then they should be able to travel approximately 20 miles (30km)

How Much Will It Cost

The 12th prototype of the Martin Jetpack will first be available to responders such as police, fire fighters and paramedics as well as military teams. The price per jetpack will range from around $15,000 to $250,000. The general public will have to wait an extra year to be able to get their hands on the jetpack though. But the wait will save them around $50,000 as the expected commercial price of a jetpack to the public will be around $100,000. Plus the premium gas that the jetpack will run on. And the sports license needed to be able to pilot the  jetpack. So around $250,000 all in all. But the fact is, if people can afford it, then they will be able to fly with a Martin Jetpack. So that’s $250,000 worth of coolness right there.

[Image via washingtonpost]