Recently Microsoft announced the imminent launch of the latest Windows update for Windows Phone 8.

The timing of the update matches previous updates which tend to be around fall time. The update, labelled GDR3 (General Distribution Release) sees the Windows Phone empire beginning to join the large screen phone trend. One of the most prominent features of GDR3 is the fact that it will support displays between 5 and 7 inches with 1080p maximum resolution. At the moment though, Windos have no intention to add support for tablets.

Windows Phone users will now be able to access a third row of tiles on their starts screens so now smart phone users are able to access a good looking start screen whether on their phone or tablet. Phones in the future that feature GDR3 as standard will be running on a more powerful quadcore processor and support for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800.

Microsoft Windows Update Supports Large Screen


The main points of the update address the software support and screen issues for the phones. However, there are a few bits and bobs that people will find useful:

  • In an effort to make their Windows phones more accessible, Microsoft have made it easier for people who are visually impaired to use devices by sharing internet via Bluetooth.
  • Driving Mode allows users to turn incoming calls on or off while driving and triggers any Bluetooth devices automatically.
  • The screen will lock in place if the user wishes so that the display doesn’t switch from portrait to landscape when the position of the phone moves. For anyone who’s tried to look at a picture that has been posted at a 90 degrees angle, this will surely be good news!
  • The way in which the internal storage usage is shown has also been altered, with the way in which data is counted being changed slightly.

Early Updates

Microsoft will be bypassing the carrier testing stage of the update and going straight to developers and is even offering Windows Phone users an opportunity to get their hands on the update before it is officially released to the public for a small subscription fee.

It’s unclear how future updates will work on the Windows Phone Preview program but it’s clear that Microsoft are actively trying to provide a solution to customer’s frustration at waiting for delays in updates due to carrier testing.