Sonos is probably the most successful wireless in home audio system available at the moment but Samsung are looking to go toe to toe with the new rival with the release of their very own wireless audio system named Shape’.

The Samsung Shape speaker is sleek, triangular and can be lay on its side, stood upright or hung on a wall. Users can buy one speaker for their room or buy several plus the hub in order to have a wireless multi room audio system. Each speaker has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC in order to stream audio files direct from your smart device at the touch of a button.

The hub itself allows users to play the same songs through every room in the house or choose individual songs for each room at different volumes.

Shape’ Wireless Audio System From Samsung Starts At $400 For One Speaker

How Easy Is It To Use?

Shape users simply download the app which is available for both iPhones and Android. From here it takes a couple of minutes to set up but after that, users are able to instantly change between songs in each room individually all from their smart phone.

Samsung have spoken to other music services in order to give their users a more complete experience. Amazon Cloud Player, Pandora, Rhapsody and TuneIn radio will all be available to the household via Shape.

Shape Doesn’t Come Cheap

Early reviews of Shape show that the sound quality from the speakers is extremely sharp and matched by the ease of use. But with each speaker being priced at $400 this is no toy. The special hub that allows the speakers to function together or individually is a further $50. Both prices are similar to the Sonos early system prices.

How Does The Shape Compare to Sonos System?

It seems that the Sonos system has already cornered the market in wireless home audio systems. However, up until now, they haven’t had any real competitors and while Samsung might be behind when it comes to certain things like working with other music services (Sonos has other big names on board such as Spotify and Rdio), samsung is the better known brand and more than capable of catching up with Sonos over time. So which one will be crowned king of wireless home audio systems?

[Image via News.Nom.Co]