Have you ever opened a time-capsule? Lifting the lid on memories from times past is like a secret door into an unknown time, where you can live the experiences of those who were kind enough to share them. Thanks to the new app Recmember Me, you can send your very own digital time-capsule to whoever you want and a date that you want them to receive it.

recmember me app

The Spanish creators behind this innovative app have designed a collection of templates, which allow you to add photos and descriptions of emotions from your unique life moments. These can then be sent from the app by email and received on the date that you choose or shared via Facebook and Twitter. It is also possible to send videos up to one and a half minutes long.

The app is free to download and available for both iPhones and Android from version 4.0 and onwards but so far there is no version for the iPad.

The design of the app is very simple and straightforward to use, with a section that allows you retrace your memories on a geographical memory map. Eleven of the twenty-two templates are free and those that you have to pay for cost around a dollar.

It is possible to buy a premium version of the app for $1.99 a month. This will get you an advert free Recmember Me as well as a bigger range of templates. It is worth noting that you can only send videos to the future if you purchase this premium version.

According to the press release “recmembers” can be sent for the next 100 years, with the creators saying: We don’t know whether there will still email, but what we can say is that “recmember me” always try to stay current on the most widely used media.”

“We’ll adapt to new electronic forms of communication, so ensuring proper delivery of memory.”

So the next time you experience a life changing moment, don’t keep it to yourself, share it with the future.

[Image via recmember me]