Carl Sojgreen and Adrian Graham built the Shadow Puppet application back in April 2013 but it launched at the same time as the iOS 7 update. The ex Google and Facebook executives who are used to building winning apps have created an application for people to turn their photos into fully narrated slideshows that can be easily shared with the world.

Narrate Your Photo Stream With Shadow Puppet App

How The App Works

Shadow Puppet is extremely simple to move, a conscience decision from the creators of NextStop, the travel app now acquired by Facebook said this was a main priority to them. In a few simple steps, users are able to turn their photos into a a slide show with their own narrative running over the top to explain the images on the screen to viewers.

  1. Select photos and images that the user wishes to use.
  2. Re-arrange them in the order that they will be seen.
  3. Use the phone’s voice recorder to talk about the images as they appear.
  4. Share, text or email the finished video (Puppet) at the touch of a button.

In addition to being able to share the ‘Puppets’ via social media, texts and emails, users can also embed the video on their own blog or website.

Why Would Anyone Use It?

The Shadow Puppet app offers a way for families and friends to stay connected in a new way. Instead of simply viewing the photos of far-off relatives, family members can listen to the story behind the photos from their loved ones themselves.

Entrepreneurs and bloggers will no doubt utilize the app to improve their ‘How To’ posts by offering step by step visual tutorials that are simple to create, edit and upload straight from their phone.

In business, the app can be used to give induction speeches, explain policies and procedures or as a visual aid for a presentation.

Where To Get It

The Shadow Puppet app is only available for the iPhone and iPad at the moment and can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store.

[Image via Pocket.Lint]