I don’t know about you but I love singing in the shower, despite the fact that my family do not love my singing. I also happen to be a fan of slightly strange, if not seemingly pointless technology. So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon a “gadget” that allows you to watch and listen to your iPad or other branded tablet whilst you are in the shower.

Shower Tunes shower curtain

Shower Tunes is essentially a waterproof pouch and battery-powered speakers that are sewn into a shower curtain. There is an opening on the non-shower side and a transparent film on the other so you can watch your tablet without getting it wet. The speakers allow you to turn up the volume on your favourite tune, and in my case drown out the sounds of singing.

The pouch is even touch sensitive so the tablet can function in the usual way. The speakers are connected to the tablet by a standard audio cable. This curtain can also hold a smartphone so you can answer calls if you want to.

Shower Tunes costs $40 so quite pricey as far as shower curtains go. The designer of this product has unfortunately forgotten to factor in the problem of mildew, which is a persistent nuisance in bathrooms and will obviously find its way into your $40 curtain at some point.

This low-tech home accessory can be purchased from Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond.

[Image via digital trends]

Source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/lifestyle/shower-tunes-is-a-shower-curtain-for-your-ipad/