Skateboards, normally made from laminated wood, just got a lot more exciting thanks to the surfboard producing company Hydroflex. The company uses its 3D-Glassing technology along with a unique honeycomb design to create a strong and stunning skateboard.

Hydroflex Skateboard

Originally the creators were producing 70s-style retro decks for their own personal use, using left overs from the surfboard production. The patented, award winning 3D-Glassing technology, allows the producers to bond together both sides of the deck through the polythylene terephthalate foam and tri-axle fiberglass core, which is formed into the honeycomb pattern. Resin tints are then injected giving the decks a vibrant and unique finish, which glows when held up to the light.

This design, along with reinforced rails and integrated tail and nose guards, results in a strong, light and waterproof board. Tests have shown that the boards are stronger than those made out of wood.

Hydroflex are looking for funding through Kickstarter in order to get these boards to the market. As long as the company reaches the target pledge, the plan is to start shipping by January 2014.

You can choose from various designs like the Crilla Micro-Cruiser which is $90, the Beach Leach at $110 and the Angler downhill and freeride longboard for $230.

If you’re not really in to skateboarding but appreciate the work being done, you can pledge $1, just as a virtual high-five.

[Image via Hydroflex]

Source: Hydroflex