In September 2013, Prince Albert II of Monaco unveiled the latest Electric Vehicle from Venturi Automobiles, the VBB-3 which is said to be the most powerful electric car in the world. The EV was shown at the Wendover Airfield, Utah after the team had to abort an attempt to smash the current EV land speed record due to bad weather.


The 11.64m bullet like body is enveloped in carbon fiber which conceals a number of lithium iron phosphate batteries to make up half of the total weight of the vehicle (3.2 tonnes) and generate up to 3,000 hp.

Introducing The VBB-3: The Most Powerful Electric Car In The World

The VBB-3 aka Jamais Contente (meaning never satisfied) cost around $6 million to build with a clear view to breaking some EV land speed records along the way over the next year.

Big Plans

With the unveiling of the VBB-3 came the bold announcement that Venturi were working towards being able to reach speeds of over 440mph (708km/h) within the year. Their original intent was to start by breaking the standing EV land speed record of 307mph (495km/h).

The standing record is actually held by the VBB-3’s predecessor the Buckeye Bullet 2.5 and was set in 2010. But Venturi are confident that the new generation of BB can break through all the barriers that have been set previously.

More than just a shiny toy that goes fast though, the VBB-3 is being used to test various components that can be used in production vehicles. By making the world’s most powerful electrical car, manufacturers learn more about the world of electric propulsion and how to incorporate power saving technology into the automobile world. It’s entirely possible that the technology found in the VBB-3 could be adapted and used to bring us energy saving electric cars or help to boost energy efficiency in standard cars.

[Image via VBB3]