Recently HTC started rolling out Android 4.3 to Canada.  Now Verizon has just released documentation for its own upcoming HTC One update. And before you all start salivating the update does not include Android 4.3!

Version 1.10.605.10 is all about making the HTC One run smoother with no/less glitches and apparently this update results in fewer locks up and glitches for the handset. We are bemused by this as we find we have not really heard any reports at all really about the Verizon HTC One having noticeable problems with locks ups and performance stability.

Verizon HTC One Update To Reduce Glitches


The size of the update is questionable in comparison to previous patches.  The 33.8MB update does however introduce a new update to Verizon’s Isis Mobile Wallet, and also adds internet accessibility for the visually impaired. With support documentation which is already available now, we imagine this update will hit devices within the next couple of days.

What makes this update really strange is the timing, since Android 4.3 is supposed just around the corner (watch this space).  Verizon might have felt these so-called ‘device lock-ups’ needed to be addressed immediately, or it could be a possible sign that the Verizon HTC One will be later to the Android 4.3 party than the rest of the United States carriers.  Given Verizon’s history, we cannot say we would be surprised if the carrier ends up further delaying the jump to Android 4.3, that being said, we would certainly hope that this is not the case.

HTC One Update

As always, any comments would be appreciated on this topic. Is there any Verizon HTC One owners having problems with your device having glitches or maybe freezing? let us know.

[Images via intomobile & theverge]