Virtual storage has been revolutionized by the development of online cloud services. The popularity of the cloud has spurred several versions that make it challenging to discern the best cloud network.

With all this talk going on, it can be hard to actually pick a cloud service to use. Below is a breakdown of some popular storage networks that might work for you:

Which Cloud Storage Provider is the Best?


This program brought mainstream recognition to the convenience of cloud storage. Its interface is perhaps the most universally compatible program across operating systems.

Which Cloud Storage Provider is the Best?

One of its defining features is its ability to function without an intermediary web browser.

  • The first 2GB of storage are free, but there is a steep price incline for premium users.
  • The 100GB level annually costs $99, or it can be paid monthly at $9.99.

The expense is worth the value of established reliability accompanied by speedy upload speeds.

Microsoft SkyDrive

For Windows users, this software is the easiest to quickly embed into their computer system. Advanced users will appreciate the software’s capacity for remote access, which allows you to upload from a different location than the actual file storage.

  • Users are granted a generous 7GB of space without charge.
  • Upgrades are economically convenient with $10 yielding 20GB for an entire year.

Google Drive
Google’s products are popular for one big reason: integration. A remarkable aspect of this program is its seamless integration into Gmail.

Users of Google’s communication platform will find this to be the most accessible cloud system.

  • Uploads can be conducted through a variety of ways.
  • The standalone application is adept at synchronizing files from every physical location that has been linked to the cloud.
  • There are 5GB of free space available, and Gmail users can see this instantly doubled to 10GB. Overall, an individual can purchase up to 16TB.

The programming is intuitively meshed with Google Docs; subsequently, tiny files do not count as occupied space if they are transmitted as shared files through this interface. But they will show up in the cloud.

Amazon Cloud Drive
Amazon runs the largest cloud on the Internet. Its service is considered to be gold standard for security. So what makes Amazon Cloud Drive so great?

  • The ability to store digital purchases within the personal database.
  • Equipped with a flexible media player that compatibly streams most files.
  • Their purchasing plans are customizable (after the first 5GB, each additional gigabyte costs only fifty cents).

Amazon Cloud Drive


In terms of quantity, this service offers the most free storage – 50GB.

However, the upload rates aren’t the fastest. Also, additional storage is difficult to acquire. That’s because it needs to be bought from a third-party aggregate.

Still, users are automatically participating in the political cause of open distribution on the Internet.  Unfortunately, this service is accompanied by a looming paranoia of losing files due to governmental shutdown. 

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