There’s a reason most BBQ’s and outdoor social events happen in the summer time, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why. There’s a simple reason – it’s warm outside! Most people don’t want to sit outside on their patio furniture when it is below 50 degrees, and I can’t say that I blame them. Shivering your buns off with friends isn’t most people’s fun idea of a social gathering. However, thanks to a toasty new creation from Galanter & Jones out of San Francisco, more parties may be moving outside even during the non-summer months. They have created a line of outdoor furniture called Helios, and it is the first outdoor furniture of its kind.

Keep Your Frozen Seat Warm With Helios Outdoor Furniture

What Makes Helios Furniture So Different From Other Furniture?

Well, for starters, a Helios chair is like a gigantic heating blanket. Once you plug it into an electrical outlet, it warms up the entire chair and keeps your rear end all warm and snug. No more running back inside every 5 minutes just to get warmed up again. With a Helios chair, you can stay outside for as long as you like and stay as warm as you would’ve been inside under your favorite heating blanket.

I have to admit, the Helios chair(s) sound like a great idea, but what’s not so great about them is their price. Should you want to invest in one (or more than one), be prepared to spend a minimum of approximately $5,000 for each chair. For those individuals who like to have several people over at one time, filling your patio with Helios chairs will definitely become a little costly. They are also mainly marketed to those folks living around the west coast, because sitting in a snow drift is still a bit of a challenge even with a heated chair.

[Image via Digital Trends]