I think it’s safe to say that teddy bears aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Teddy bears have long been faithful companions to children, but they haven’t really done all that much for parents. Starting in 2014, though, a new teddy bear will be hitting the shelves, and this bear might just turn out to be Mom and Dad’s new best friend. Meet the Tedi Bear, a normal looking teddy bear on the outside, but a technically advanced baby monitoring machine on the inside. Gone may be the days when parents constantly peek inside their children’s rooms to make sure they’re still breathing. In the future, all parents may have to do is glance down at their phone.

Keep Watch Over Your Kids With A Tedi Bear

A New Type of Teddy Bear

The Tedi Bear is definitely not your average stuffed animal. Inside its stuffing, the Tedi Bear is packed with most every kind of sensor a worried parent could imagine. It can check a baby’s temperature, breathing rate, grip strength, and can even record how often and how long a baby has been crying. The Tedi Bear records all of this information and then relays it to an iOS or Android app that parents can view on their smartphones or tablets, removing the need to physically check on their children multiple times throughout the night.

Apart from monitoring vital signs, the Tedi Bear also helps children fall asleep by playing various noises and/or recordings from Mom and Dad. It can even help with limited vocabulary development. It seems the Tedi Bear does most everything except actually cook meals and give time-outs. As long as you weren’t scarred by the movie Childsplay, Tedi Bear seems like a smart investment.

Parents can expect a price tag of around $99 when the Tedi becomes available in early 2014.

Would you be interested in giving this new teddy bear a try? Or, do you still prefer the the old tried and true method of actually checking on your children throughout the night?

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SOURCE: http://gizmodo.com/a-sensor-packed-teddy-bear-that-keeps-an-eye-on-your-ba-1465123077