Power A is the company behind the popular MOGA controllers for gaming on android.  The company have just launched their new series.  The new MOGA Power Pro and MOGA Hero Power have finally arrived.

With these fantastic ergonomic pads, you will never be stuck for that head to head battle again. Both the MOGA Power Pro and Hero Power feature a charging capability that Power A calls MOGA Boost, which lets you charge your device while you play, by using the micro USB cable included with the controller.  Both controllers have been given a fresh look and a slightly improved ergonomic design for a smoother fit. Both feature the new S.M.R.T. lock technology device clip as well.


You can expect both the new models to have the same buttons set and dual joysticks, so there is nothing new to learn there.  The Original MOGA controller did not include a D-Pad while the new Hero Power does. Android Headlines reviewed the Power Pro.

Lots of HID gamepad compatible games have landed on the play store and all of them work with both new MOGA controllers.  Power A has also improved Bluetooth radios to nullify any problems with Bluetooth connection.

Both the Power Pro and Hero Power come with built in batteries; the Power Pro rocks a 2200 mAH for longer gaming sessions, while the little brother sports a smaller 1800 mAH.  The Hero is designed for the more portable, on-the-go game play, while the Power Pro looks right at home next to an Xbox 360 controller.  You can pick up either the MOGA Hero Power or the Power Pro from Amazon. The MOGA Pro Power is on sale for $79, and the MOGA Hero Power is $59.  Game on!

[Image via themogblog]

SOURCE: http://www.androidheadlines.com/2013/11/new-moga-hero-power-moga-power-pro-now-available.html