Now this is just awesome – if we had any doubts that the future was here, those doubts can now be laid to rest. Allow me to introduce you to the Z-Machines. Forget Metallica, the Z-Machines are a heavy metal band in every sense of the word – the members are all robots! The metallic band was designed and created by engineers at Tokyo University and they hope one day that the band can perform a concert up in space. Now that would be the day.

Meet The Z-Machines: The First All Robot Band

Introducing Z-Machines To The World

The lineup of Z-Machines is comprised of 3 highly sophisticated robots. Mach is the guitarist for the group, and is equipped with 78 fingers and 12 guitar picks. He can play at a speed of 1,184 beats per minute. He also has countless wires and cables affixed to his head so he can whip around his long hair during the set. Ashura is the drummer, and he (she?) has six arms and 22 drumsticks, making h/she the fastest drummer in the world. The last member of the metal band is the keyboardist, Cosmo. On top of tickling the ivories, Cosmo can also shoot all kinds of laser beams from his eyes to add a kind of psychedelic and transcendental flavor to any show. Well, if nothing else, their names sure sound like rock gods.

The Z-Machines are sponsored by Zima, which is a popular alcoholic beverage in Japan. The drink didn’t do so well over here in America, but the band could be a whole other story.

The Z-Machine’s debut song is called Post People, Post Party and it was written by DJ Tasaka who is very popular in the realm of electronica music. I’ll admit, Post People, Post Party doesn’t have the same ring to it as Enter Sandman or For Whom the Bell Tolls, but hey, if Call Me, Maybe worked, there is always hope.

Will robotic bands ultimately replace human bands in the future? I certainly hope not, but I do have to admit that the Z-Machines open up countless possibilities as to what future technology can do.

Check out the Z-Machines in action with the video below.

[Image via Metro]