For the past few months Microsoft has been attempting to put people off using Google services through its “Scroogled” campaign. It seems it has stepped up the anti-Google theme by introducing an entire section on its online store, dedicated to selling merchandise with anti-Google slogans.

Anti Google Mug

There is a range of mugs, hats, t-shirts and hoodies, which can be purchased at various prices. One slogan on a mug reads: “keep calm while we steal your data.”

This is quite a bold move from Microsoft, who clearly have launched these products in time for the holidays and is a direct attack at Google.

In recent times Microsoft has attacked Gmail, launched an anti-Google Shopping site and done a spoof of Google’s Chrome advert. The man behind this campaign is Mark Penn, who famously ran the presidential campaign for Bill and Hilary Clinton.

No doubt these new products won’t be on the present lists of anyone at Google!

[Image via Microsoft Store]