Nintendo is beginning to breathe new life into the Nintendo 3DS with 5 new shows that will be exclusively available on the handheld device. Nintendo Video, which has been available as an app on the 3DS since 2011 is proud to offer these 5 shows for free, and four of the first episodes are now available. In order to watch the videos, one must first have the Nintendo Video app installed on the 3DS. Once the app is installed, all new videos will automatically download onto the device.

Nintendo Video Bringing New Shows To Nintendo 3DS

The New Shows Explained

According to, this is what we can expect of the new lineup:

The Legend of Zelda: The Misadventures of Link: This show will follow the main Zelda character, Link, as he finds himself in several comedic situations. Link will appear as he does in The Wind Waker game in these short videos.

Pikmin Nature Documentaries: Viewers will get to watch as Pikmin gives  his take on nature safaris.

Bravest Warriors: This new show from Nintendo will follow 4 teenagers who travel across galaxies to save different aliens all with the power of their emotions.

Bee and PuppyCat: Bee is a 20 year-old without a job who interacts with a creature called PuppyCat. There have been stranger shows. Come to think of it, this one sounds pretty strange.

Wildheart Riukiu: A series with some random characters from the mind that created Meat or Die on Nintendo Video. Meat or Die was pretty popular on the 3DS, so we should probably expect big things from this addition.

The Nintendo Video app provides music videos, short comedy videos, upcoming game trailers and more that can only be watched on the 3DS. Once the items are downloaded, though, they must be watched quickly or they will delete themselves after a limited period of time. Using the app also requires wireless internet access.

Viewers can expect to catch new episodes of these shows throughout 2014.

What do you (and your kids) think of Nintendo Video? Do you use it regularly? Are you excited about any of the new shows?

[Images via ubergizmo and siliconera]