Ebook readers have come a long way from being single-purpose devices that couldn’t hold a candle to the awesomeness that is the iPad. While e-ink still holds a certain hard-to-resist allure, ebook reader manufacturers have stepped up to the plate and now offer “real” screes. Still, e-ink is hard to beat when it comes to being easy on the eyes. I think that many ebook reader enthusiasts will think of the Kindle first and foremost, but Barnes & Noble is not that far behind, and with its newest Nook iteration, the company will be making a lot of readers happy.

nook glowlight

The Nook GlowLight is the latest to come out of the Barnes & Noble corner, and it has quite a lot going for it. For starters, the Nook GlowLight:

  • offers fully-adjustable reading light whenever you need it; so whether you’re out on the beach or reading in bed, your eyes will thank you for it;
  • is the lightest Nook out there  ever;
  • has access to more than 3 million books, which can be downloaded in seconds with built-in Wi-Fi;
  • has extra-long battery life; it’s supposed to last up to 2 months.

Other perks include:

  • ad-free experience
  • epub support (yay!)
  • beautiful design!

There are downsides, though. For one, initial reports indicate that the GlowLight is not as responsive as the Kindle Paperwhite. That may be a bummer, especially if you’re used to snappy interfaces. There is also the fact that the memory card slot has been removed. That is a major downer for avid readers, and may be a big reason to not go for the GlowLight.

But there’s one big thing that the GlowLight has going for itself: the price! At $99, it is easy NOT to hesitate to get the Nook GlowLight even though you may already have more than one tablet at your disposal. It’s also a great gadget to bear in mind as we near the Christmas season.

[Image via itproportal]