I’m always up for a good police story, and I hope you are as well. It seems with the influx of crime, police in every precinct are having to get extra creative in the ways they catch the bad guys. Apparently, the police in Florida have been having a tough time lately catching hunters who are hunting deer out of season.  So what did they decide to do about it? They created a robot deer, of course. Isn’t that what you’d do too? To create the robot deer, they partnered with a local taxidermy to make sure the animal looked just right, and judging from the picture of a robot deer below, it seems they can get pretty accurate with all of the details.

Robot Deer Take Aim At Illegal Hunters

That’s Not Bambi You’re Looking At

Once the deer was properly “outfitted”, police set it up in a location they felt was sure to attract poachers. Don’t be fooled and think that the robot deer just stood there, either. Using a remote control, the police were able to control the deer from a distance to make it act like an actual deer. All their hard work paid off too, because a certain hunter decided to shoot it through the neck from his vehicle. As soon as the shot was fired, police came out of hiding and arrested the hunter. This particular man could face a year and jail and a $2500 fine if he is found guilty.

I have to admit – this robot deer opens up all kinds of possibilities for police to catch criminals, and not just in the United States of America.

It also might make certain people a little more paranoid, thinking that the police have eyes and ears everywhere…which might just be true.

So, before you shoot that deer, please make sure that it is actually legal and that you are not hunting from your vehicle on the side of the road. Otherwise, you risk shooting at a robot deer controlled by the police, especially if you are in Florida.

[Image via OutsideOnline]

SOURCE: http://sploid.gizmodo.com/tag/robot-deer