If you’ve ever been on a flight (or a train, subway, or bus ride for that matter), you know that the passengers next to you can get a little nosy sometimes. There are few things worse than when you realize that the neighbor in the seat next to you has a consistent habit of watching whatever you’re doing on your computer. If you’re working on sensitive information or even watching a favorite movie, this can get annoying in a hurry. It’s not considered exactly polite to ask a complete stranger to mind their own business, and that question can be completely avoided thanks to the folks at La Fonction. They have designed a leather case for your laptop that doubles as a privacy briefcase. Have a look at the bag below.

Remove Prying Eyes With This Laptop Privacy Briefcase

Travel Away From Prying Eyes

Now that is not your everyday run of the mill laptop carrying case. This bag, simply called the No. 1 Leather Laptop Bag (hopefully someone will come up with a better name in the future), will definitely carry your laptop, but it will also prevent others from seeing what you’re looking at on the screen. With large panels that fold out from the sides, a person sitting next to you would quite literally have to place their head next to your head to see what’s going on on your screen, and that definitely wouldn’t be awkward in the least.

The privacy briefcase even includes all kinds of pockets for you to store the materials you need to get to work. Overall, this seems like a great investment, and that’s exactly what it is because it definitely won’t be within the reach of some budgets. It costs approximately $1,130. I guess the cost for genuine leather these days has increased. If you are a frequent traveler, though, this privacy briefcase from La Fonction might be well worth the money for you.

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SOURCE: http://gizmodo.com/unfold-this-briefcase-and-keep-fellow-flyers-from-watch-1467487619