As any motorcyclist knows, riding a motorcycle is far from the safest thing a person can do, but bikers consider the benefits to far outweigh the risks when it comes to getting out on the open road. But all it takes is another vehicle on the road that doesn’t see you, and your day (and bike) can be ruined in no time at all. Add to that the fact that if you use a GPS on your bike, even glaring down at it for a few seconds can drastically increase the risk of an accident.

What if someone invented a device that promised to protect you while riding and also gave you access to everything you needed in one location? Well, someone has, and it’s being called the Skully helmet. Everyone on a motorcycle should be wearing a helmet, and the Skully helmet might just help helmets become more popular.

Skully Helmet Guides & Protects Motorcycle Riders

How The Skully Works

The Skully is definitely not your average motorcycle helmet, and it does a whole lot more than just protect your head. Just how much more? For starters, it connects to your smartphone via bluetooth to stream all of your music and your calls. Using voice control, riders can choose a song they’d like to hear or a contact they’d like to call; it’s completely hands-free.

Even better than that, though, is the integrated GPS feature within the helmet. As you can see in the helmet view above, the Skully places real time navigation in your field of vision. Gone may be the days of constantly looking down at the handlebars to see where your next turn is.

Since motorcyclists have to be constantly aware of their surroundings, the Skully also comes equipped with a rear-view camera that will allow riders to see 180 degrees around them.

The developers assure would be users of the Skully that their field of vision will not be impaired at all while looking at the heads-up display in their helmet, and riders won’t see everything displayed all at once. Different displays require different head motions, for instance looking down and looking to your left and right will bring up a different display.

The Skully won’t be fully available for a while, but there are working prototypes being tested now.

Is the Skully a helmet you’d be interested in purchasing?

[Images via CTVNews and ohgizmo]