As an amateur guitar player who is mostly tone deaf, I really hate to tune my guitar strings. Since I can’t do it by ear (at all), I either have to rely on an app on my phone or I have to ask someone who has better ears than I do to tune it for me. Even with the app, it is still up to me to make sure I tune the string just right – and sometimes it’s really hard to get it perfect. But now, a device has been created for even the most tone deaf of all guitarists, and I have to admit, the Roadie sounds almost too good to be true.

Tiny Roadie Will Tune Your Guitar

That’s A Guitar Tuner, Right?

As you can see in the above image, the Roadie fits within the palm of your hand and also fits snugly over each string peg.

The Roadie connects with your phone or tablet via bluetooth, and every time you strum a string it sends a signal to the Roadie. Once it receives the signal, it automatically tunes that string to your desired setting. It is quick and painless, and removes the error factor from manual guitar tuning. It also removes the time factor from tuning it yourself as it can tune it within mere seconds. The Roadie app includes several different tunings and even allows you to create your own tunings. Best of all? The Roadie app will be completely free.

The Roadie is unique in that it is helpful to new guitarists and professional guitarists all the same. It doesn’t matter your skill level – the Roadie will tune whatever guitar is placed in front of it.

Tiny Roadie Will Tune Your Guitar

The Roadie is currently gaining funding through Kickstarter, and expects to begin shipping the products in June of 2014. They have already exceeded their original goal of $60,000 and have 39 days to go in their fundraising campaign.

Will you be taking this Roadie on tour with you?

[Images via hiconsumption]