It hasn’t been more than two weeks since the Twitter IPO, but the microblogging company is not resting on its laurels. Not that it can, really, with its stock price going down (although it’s still not performing that badly).

What Twitter is doing in Silicon Valley, though, is something really concrete. 10,000 square feet concrete. Quite literally, actually.

The company is spreading its wings and has recently leased an additional 10,000 square feet at Sunnyvale Business Park, at 400 West California Ave. This isn’t Twitter’s first foray in the area, with an already existing 8,000-square-foot leased office there.


Compared to the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, which is nothing short of impressive at 320,000 square feet, the expanded Silicon Valley office can be considered tiny. More important than the size, perhaps, is the significance of this move. After all, the trend in this sector is for companies to move out of Silicon Valley to San Francisco.

Still, the San Francisco office is not going to stay stagnant. The news is that Twitter is going to get another 320,000 square feet. That’s a whopping total of more than 600,000 square feet! The general public may not know exactly what Twitter’s plans are, but I’m pretty sure that they won’t have any problems filling up that space.

Twitter is not the only tech company in the midst of physical expansion activities. There’s Google, who has recently bought more space in Silicon Valley and is planning an even more massive office in London across the pond. There’s also CableLabs and Walmart Labs, which have made their home in the same area as well.

All the tech expansion, leasing, and buying at this scale is impressive, sure, but one question that’s hanging in the air: does this mean we’re in another tech bubble or that one is coming up? What do you think?

[Image via Mashable]