Hydrogen fuel cells could be the future of our power. Companies use Hydrogen mixed with Oxygen to produce energy.  In the process, creating water as the by-product. In the case of Intelligent Energy’s Upp, it uses a replaceable hydrogen cell to charge smartphones, tablets or mobiles.  In fact, whatever you have that needs power.  What is amazing about this device is that it delivers power at the same speed as a standard wall charger!


Upp will launch in initially in Africa, as a means of a providing sustainable, eco-friendly power source. One hydrogen cell will provide five full charges of a mobile phone (25Wh capacity per cell). And the only by-product produced is water vapour. A USB type A socket means it will charge most USB devices with a 5V, 5W, 1000mA output.

The Upp device also comes with an accompanying app on either iOS or Android, which can provide predictive usage statistics and user profile information.  This enables better management of fuel levels. The Upp itself carries an Intelligent Auto Shutoff feature that conserves energy and thereby protects the battery of the device that it is charging.

Henri Winand, CEO of Intelligent Energy, said “We are delighted to launch Upp, which represents a new category of energy device, and are excited about the transformational implications for the portable electronics market and the consumer…With the growing demand for portable devices, mobile and cloud services, consumers want the energy independence to keep their devices connected and powered-up all the time.  “Upp is evidence that fuel cells are not just rocket science; the Upp fuel cell personal energy device has the power to extend your everyday life experiences and untether you from the wall socket, while making sure you stay connected.”

Upp will be rolled out this coming December.  The Pricing structure and international availability have yet to be announced.

[Image via intelligent-energy]

SOURCE: http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/125060-world-s-first-mobile-hydrogen-fuel-cell-charger-upp-unveiled