Viber 4.0 has just hit app stores!  The updated app carries new features such as; Stickers, push-to-talk voice messaging, and it also has support for Android tablets.

CEO Talmon Marco recently said, “This is the most exciting release we’ve had for Viber since we launched the platform…Today’s updated version brings a vast new range of features and functionality to Viber.”

On top of the list of the new features is the push-to-talk instant communication option, which allows users to send short voice messages to each other. The app creators are very happy with this new feature as it simplifies the typical PTT process.  The old process involves the user recording a message before sending it and then waiting for the recipient to download it and listen. Using this new feature however, Viber users can cut the average 60-second response time to approx five seconds.

Viber 4.0

For fun, the updated app also comes with a new Sticker Market, where users can find a large selection of cartoon images to express their emotions. Viber has unveiled two new featured characters, Mayo and Blu, as well as exclusive content to tie in with annual themes and holidays. Users can choose from more than 300 stickers priced at $1.99.

Android users can take advantage of the updates by downloading the Viber app on their tablet. It works in the same way as the desktop application.  The app carries over mobile contacts and synchronizes messages and calls on all the users’ devices.

For those running Android 4.0 and up, they will have access to improved notifications, the ability to send messages while on a call and a Light up Screen setting for incoming messages!  “Viber has always aimed to provide a complete communications experience,” Marco said. “With the new features we’ve brought to the platform, Viber lets users connect and stay connected in more ways than ever.”

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