As anyone who has grown up around a lot of snow will tell you, when it comes to sledding it’s easy to get a little too ambitious. After all, landing on a little bit of snow can’t hurt all that bad, right? Wrong – and in more ways than one. Snow doesn’t always make for the softest landing, and, depending on what’s under the snow, it’s easy to regret hitting that ramp at a record-breaking speed. Thanks to the designers at TSL Outdoor, though, the days of rough landings while sledding may be nearing an end. They’ve designed a new kind of sled, the Yooner, and it has built-in shock absorbers.

The Yooner: A Sled With Built-In Shocks

The Yooner

Forget everything you ever thought you knew about sleds – the Yooner is a radically new design. Honestly, it looks more like a ski you straddle than a sled you ride – but that’s all part of the fun. You can take the Yooner to the ski slopes, or you can ride it down that monster of a hill at home. The “ski” part is built out of stainless steel allowing you to actually feel like you’re skiing. And with the shocks, you can take those jumps with a whole lot less fear than before. The Yooner even has a braking system that allows you to dig its claws into the snow when you pull back the lever, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can stop just like you do on a pair of skis. At just under 8 pounds, though, it is a bit heavier than your typical sled.

For those who would rather have a more rustic looking ski/sled, the Yooner also comes in a wood design, which you can purchase here for $239.99.

The Yooner was designed and developed in France.

Does the Yooner sound like something you’d like to try out down the slopes, or would you rather stick to the old-fashioned type of sled? Maybe this Yooner racing clip will get you more interested:

[Image via Valdarly-Montblanc]