In general, business cards aren’t all that exciting. At the end of the day they all really look the same. They have a company name, an employee name, a phone number, an email address, and maybe a cell phone number. If you’re lucky they’ll be printed with some nice colors. I’ll admit, I have looked at a lot of different business cards in my life. But you know what I’ve never done with a business card? I’ve never eaten one before, and I’ll bet that you haven’t either. Who would even think of such a thing – besides an elementary student on the school bus?

Well, as the business world is constantly evolving, I guess the business card world must follow suit as well. That is why you can now order edible business cards that are completely made out of beef jerky; what’s even better is that they are made by a company named MeatCards. Feel free to take a bite out of the sample below.

Give A Taste Of Your Brand With Beef Jerky Business Cards

“Hello, It Is So Nice To Meat You…”

Handing someone a business card is a great way to introduce yourself to someone in the professional world. Adding beef jerky to your business card can only help your chances that the person will remember you in the future – unless of course they eat the card before they ever get in contact with you. I’ll be honest – if someone handed me a business card made out of beef jerky, it would be really hard for me not to eat it right there in front of him/her before I even wrote down the name and phone number. But I may have a slight addiction to beef jerky.

If you’d like to add some flavor to your business cards, you can visit MeatCards here. As far as how much you’ll end up paying, there is no standard pricing. You send in however much money you think a beef jerky business card is worth and just add $5 for shipping. You tell the folks at MeatCards exactly what you want on your card and they will print it for you. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re in the jerky business, what better way to introduce yourself than with a sample of your very own product to let people chew on?

What do you think? Is this a good idea?

[Image via finedininglovers]