Moving through the sky like Superman might still be a far ways off, but you can take comfort in knowing that even if you can’t take to the skies you will soon be able to take to the seas in ways only dreamed of before. I’ve never “officially” scuba dived before, but I have donned flippers and a snorkel and headed under the water. No matter what I did, though, I was only as fast in the water as my feet and arms could take me. Sure, I could exert all my energy and glide through the water with a little extra “umph” in my wake, but doing so took all the energy I had stored up. For anyone who has ever been frustrated by their lack of speed and finesse under the water, there is a new product that I think you’d like to get your hands wrists on.

The X2 Underwater Jet Pack  is exactly what it sounds like. It is a set of jet packs that attach to your wrists and propel you through the water with the force of a torpedo.

Become Aquaman With This Underwater Jetpack

Who Wouldn’t Want A Set Of These?

The X2 Underwater Jet Pack was created by brothers Simon and Chris Park who are the founders of S.C.P. Marine Innovation. They wanted to create something that would give scuba divers a lot of speed underwater and something that would also let them do all kinds of stunts underwater. They may or may not have also had a fascination with Aquaman when they were children.

The jet pack is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries and will cost approximately $5700 when it becomes available for sale. The X2 Underwater Jet Pack is now in its fundraising stage.

Sure, you can’t glide over your city, but you can shoot through the water which might just be the next best thing.

[Image via thenextweb]