Who doesn’t enjoy a good TV show every now and then? And, who doesn’t enjoy watching episode after episode until the season (or series) is finished? Sure, there’s other things we could do, like clean the house, mow the grass, cook dinner – but really, who wants to mess with all of that when they’re hooked on a television show? Netflix has made it easier than ever to watch television shows. All you have to have is an internet capable device that is able to stream Netflix and you’re off to the races. There are TV shows-a-plenty for anyone and everyone. And the best part? With Netflix, you can just watch episode after episode until there’s nothing left to watch. The folks at Netflix know this of course, and they recently did a study to see how many people regularly binged watched television. What they found isn’t too surprising, at least to me. (I am one of the binge watchers).

Are You A Binge TV Watcher? Netflix Thinks So!

Are You A Binge TV Watcher? You Might As Well Admit It

Netflix surveyed some 1500 customers and found that of that number, 61% of them regularly binge watch TV shows once throughout a few week period. (For anyone wondering, “binge watching” refers to watching multiple episodes back to back to back). The better the show, the easier it is to do.

As I said, these results don’t surprise me at all. I recently discovered the show Arrow and watched the whole first season in just a couple of days. Do I regret that decision? Not really – it was honestly a nice distraction from the real world. Now do I advocate sitting in front of Netflix 24/7? Of course not. Like everything else, we need to set some healthy boundaries in our lives.

Do these results surprise you? Are you one of Netflix’s binge TV watchers?

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SOURCE: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57615525-93/netflix-finds-tv-binge-watchers-more-common-than-you-think/