My apologies for not getting this written before Halloween, but I think the news will outweigh any anger that results from the lateness of the post. Parents (my own included) have been telling their kids for years that their teeth will all fall out if they eat too much candy. Well, that may not be true anymore, depending on the kind of candy you’re eating. It turns out that a lab in Berlin has been hard at work creating a special kind of candy that promises not to cause cavities. Yes, you did read that right. A lab known as Organo Balance has created candy that tastes good and doesn’t cause your teeth to rot inside your mouth as you enjoy it. This is undoubtedly good news for kids (and parents) everywhere who enjoy indulging their sweet tooth every once in a while.

Eat All The Candy You Want With Cavity Free Candy

Just How Exactly Does Cavity Free Candy Work?

Well, in order to explain that, we first have to understand why certain candy helps cause cavities in the first place. Medical Xpress, writing about Organo Balance’s cavity free candy explained the process this way:

“After you eat, bacteria attached to the surface of your teeth release acid. Slowly, this acid dissolves your tooth enamel. As the enamel wears down, cavities can develop. The strain of bacteria most likely to cause cavities is mutans streptococci. When you chew, you shed mutans streptococci into your saliva. Swallowing or spitting removes some of the bacteria from your mouth after you finish chewing. The remaining bacteria reattach themselves to your teeth.” And these remaining bacteria are what cause cavities. It’s a good thing the story doesn’t stop here.

The researchers knew that another kind of bacteria, Lactobacillus paracasei, binds itself to the mutans streptococci which would in theory stop it from sticking to teeth. They figured out a way to put the dead version of the bacteria into the candy and did a test with 60 volunteers. The results? Much lower levels of the bad bacteria were left on teeth.

While it still may not be a good idea to eat tons and tons of this candy, it would be good to eat if it caused less cavities.

What do you think?

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