If you are still looking to get someone (or yourself) a smartphone for Christmas this year, don’t panic, there is still hope for you; at least until Christmas Eve, that is. It’s normal to spend a small fortune on a smartphone, especially if you want to get the latest iPhone from Apple. What’s not so normal is to get one for next to dirt cheap. But that’s exactly what’s happening at Walmart until December 24th. Walmart has decided to drastically cut the price of the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s just in time for Christmas. And it’s not too hard to bet that they will sell out well before Christmas Eve. After all – who doesn’t want a new iPhone for Christmas?

Get A New iPhone Extremely Cheap At Walmart Until Christmas Eve

You’d Better Get In Line!

Are you ready to be shocked? I love getting a great deal, and these prices from Walmart seem almost too good to be true. If you’d like to get an iPhone 5c…you still have to sign a 2 year contract, but you only have to pay $27 upfront for the phone. This sale price is a fair amount down from the original $99 price tag. Likewise, if you’d like a step up from the iPhone 5c, you can always opt to get the iPhone 5s which will be on sale for $127, down from the original $199 price. If you ask me, both sound like really great deals, especially at this time of the year when the budget is already stretched uncomfortably thin. Heck, anytime you can get 4 iPhones for approximately the price of 1 at the normal sale price, that is what you call a good deal.

If you’d like to capitalize on this sale, make sure you get to Walmart anytime between now and Christmas Eve. Otherwise, it will be too late, and you risk paying a much higher price for the iPhone(s).

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SOURCE: http://www.businessinsider.com/walmart-iphone-5c-and-5s-holiday-sale-2013-12