All coffee lovers have taken a sip of their favorite brew while it was way too hot and scorched their tongues as a result. Swearing never to do that again, we decided to let it cool just a bit before we put it back up to our lips only to find out that it cooled way too much for our liking. And, sometimes, rather than just microwaving it, we threw it away or poured it on down the drain, effectively ruining our morning for lack of caffeine. If you’ve ever wondered why stores don’t sell a coffee mug that keeps your drink at the perfect temperature, you might not have to worry much longer.

Keep Your Coffee At The Perfect Temp With Temperfect Mugs

Logan Maxwell is one of the founders of Joeveo, and he has spent years helping design the Temperfect coffee mug. The Temperfect is just what it sounds like – it keeps the drink inside the mug at the perfect temperature which allows you to enjoy it throughout the day without it getting cold. In fact, here was Logan and co.’s simple goal with the Temperfect mug as recorded by R&D Magazine: “Our goal was to create a coffee mug that will take piping hot coffee and cool it to a hot, but drinkable, temperature—and keep it at that temperature for a long time…” Sounds simple enough, right?

Just How Does It Work?

Without getting too scientific, Maxwell learned that he could take some of the excess heat from the coffee and store it in an additional “Tempefect” layer of insulation around the mug which would slowly release the excess heat back into the coffee to keep it at a relatively hot/cooler 140 degrees.

Keep Your Coffee At The Perfect Temp With Temperfect Mugs


Overall, Maxwell has spent about 15 years perfecting the Temperfect mug and it is currently in its Kickstarter phase with 15 days to go. As of this writing, $117,254 has been pledged toward the original goal of $23,500. If you’d like to make sure you get your hands on one of these mugs, all you have to do is pledge at least $40 and they will send you one.

What do you think? Is the Temperfect mug something you would use?

[Images via Kickstarter]