There are now loads of ephemeral messaging apps out there, all designed to allow users to send messages, videos or images, which then self-destruct after a certain period of time.

Now there is a new kid on the block that goes by the name of Leo. Available for iOS and Android, Leo provides an ultra-lightweight platform for one-on-one and group conversations.

Leo App

Like other ephemeral messaging apps, its messages self-destruct after a few seconds. But co-founder for Leo, Carlos Whitt, explains that the idea of the app, rather than privacy, is more to get rid of the “cognitive load” that follows with the sharing of photos and videos.

Leo also tries to sell itself with how quickly it can send messages and allow you to skim through the resulting conversations.

When a conversation has been started you can follow everyone’s comments through a linear conversation “stack”, with every photo or message disappearing after five seconds. It also allows you to skip through the messages you aren’t bothered about.

“We wanted to make the easiest way to share things going on in your life, with the least amount of clicks to get there,” Whitt said.

Leo: The Easy Way To Send Self-Destructing Messages

With Leo’s implementation, anyone can create a new group and invite any of their friends. And anyone who has been invited to a group can invite someone else.

If the group are already deep in conversation then Whitt explains it’s like entering a bar where some friends are already talking about something. You pick up on the subject and begin to contribute but you don’t know what they were saying before you arrived. You also have the option to leave a group at any time.

Leo has been launched on the Apple App Store and Google Play but with so much competition out there, only time will tell if people will adopt it as their ephemeral messaging app of choice.

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