Leonardo DiCaprio has confirmed that his joint venture with Monaco-based Venturi Automobiles, will be the 10th team to participate in the initial season of Formula E racing.

The group that is responsible for Formula 1 and the World Rally Championships, the FIA, has also organised this all-electric competition. It is hoped that the event will attract fans who love environmentally friendly vehicles as well as high-adreneline and high-speed racing.

Leonardo DiCaprio Enters Electric Vehicle Racing Formula E


DiCaprio has emphasized how important “fuel-efficient, clean-energy vehicles” are. He considers them to be the “key to our planet’s future.”

He will join other distinguished participants such as Richard Branson, who has his own racing team, Virgin Racing. Branson, like Dicaprio, thinks that Formula E will be an important step in showcasing electric vehicles, with the competitive element spurring designers to develop better and more efficient models. It looks to be an exciting event, especially with the respected teams Audi Sport and Andretti Autosport also competing.

Leonardo DiCaprio Enters Electric Vehicle Racing Formula E

Audi Sport ABT Formula E Team vehicle

[Images via thegreencarwebsite & theverge]

SOURCE: http://www.wired.com/autopia/2013/12/leonardo-dicaprio-formula-e