There are many online cloud storage solutions for you and your business, Dropbox and Google Drive etc but none more notorious than Kim Dotcom’s Mega online storage service.  Kim Dotcom has a chequered history when it comes to the legalities of the services his company has provided.  The Megaupload service was shut down by the authorities, for shall we say, questionable hosting practices?  But that did not stop Dotcom from producing more Internet services, such as the Mega Android App  and even a reboot of the Mega website.


Now though, after ducking and diving in and out of the media, Kim Dotcom is back with an all-new storage service.  This time it is for iOS users as Mega releases Mega Storage for iPhone.  Mega’s storage solution only left public beta earlier this month, when the company added a spanking new design and some fresh features. The iOS application will provide access to your Mega cloud storage account and allows you to upload or download files. In addition to this, you can stream content that is stored online. If you feel like sharing content with others, you can just send them a link to a specific file or folder too.

Right now it appears as though the application only supports the iPhone and iPod touch, but the company promises that iPad support is coming soon, which no doubt is a relief to most. Also, in a bold but obvious effort to take on Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Google Drive, Mega promises that photo sync will be coming to the iOS app “soon.”

Mega is very easy to use and can provide you with up to 50GB of free storage space! Pro packages, however can give you up to 4TB of storage. The application is available at a cost of completely nothing from the App Store right now.

[Image via witchdoctor]