Perhaps taking their cue from Stephen King himself, Metallica recently went under the dome; don’t worry, they’re not stuck inside the dome without any connection to the outside world, they just decided to perform a special concert in a dome. Oh yeah, if this isn’t news worthy enough for you, I might’ve forgot to mention that the dome was in Antarctica.

Metallica Goes Under The Dome In Antarctica

They dubbed the show “Freeze ‘Em All”, as opposed to their first album “Kill ‘Em All”. Whoever thought of the concert title could not have been more correct, as not too many bands decide to perform concerns on the frozen continent. In fact, Metallica set quite the world record with this show. They are currently the first band to perform a concert on all 7 continents within a 1 year time period. Hey, that would’ve still been impressive even if they hadn’t managed to do it all in the same year.

In order to protect the environment and the health and safety of everyone attending the show, Metallica performed inside a carefully constructed clear dome. Besides being in the dome, this concert was unique due to the fact that it was likened to a silent rave as all of the listeners were required to wear special headphones so the loud noises didn’t disturb the environment. (Believe me, there are a lot of loud noises at a Metallica concert).  The music came inside the dome through generators and solar panels.

Metallica Goes Under The Dome In Antarctica

After the show, the band members posted on their Facebook page that it was “…the most unique show Metallica has ever done…” In case you’re wondering who in the world attended a Metallica concert in Antarctica, it was comprised of approximately 100 researchers and contest winners. Also in case you’re wondering, here is the 10 song set-list from the dome.

1. Creeping Death

2. For Whom The Bell Tolls

3. Sad But True

4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

5. Master of Puppets

6. One

7. Blackened

8. Nothing Else Matters

9. Enter Sandman

10. Seek & Destroy

I guess Metallica fans will follow them anywhere. Have you ever been to a “silent” concert before?

[Images via concerts-metal and musicfeeds]