Microsoft’s Xbox One released on November 22 with unparalleled results. The console sold over 1 million units within the first 24 hours alone, making it Microsoft’s best-selling console at the time of its release. Even the $499 price tag did not deter those who were determined to get their hands on the next generation gaming console. Sony’s PlayStation 4 which went on sale 11/15 also passed the 1 million unit mark within its first 24 hours.

While many early reviews of the Xbox One are favorable, some unfortunate folks are having some major issues with their systems. One of the main (it’s actually a fairly small percentage of the total units) complaints so far concerns the disc drive. Sometimes it doesn’t open, sometimes it eats the discs, and sometimes it makes very loud noises while attempting to read the disc. This was recently reported by Techbeat, and you can check out that story here. Thankfully, Microsoft isn’t leaving those who are having this problem without any help. In addition to replacing the faulty consoles, they are also giving away a free game to anyone who bought an Xbox One that happened to have a broken disc drive.

Microsoft Gives Gamers Free Games Due To Xbox One Problems

Broken Disc Drive? Get A Free Game On Microsoft!

If you are one of those unfortunate gamers who managed to get a dud console, don’t worry – Microsoft stands ready to reward you for your troubles. As of right now, you can download for free one of these 4 games:

Dead Rising 3

Zoo Tycoon

Forza Motorsport 5

Ryse: Son of Rome

I may be wrong, but apart from Zoo Tycoon these actually seem like pretty exciting games. And, if you can get 1 of them for free, that’s all the better. This is a pretty nice offer from Microsoft, seeing as they could’ve just shipped replacement consoles and been done with the matter. Hats off to them for going above and beyond to keep their fans happy. We should note, however, that this offer only applies to those Xbox One’s with a broken disc drive – any other issues and you’ll have to give Microsoft a call and figure something out.

Did your Xbox One have a broken disc drive? Let us know!

[Image via nzgamer]