It seems everyone these days is breaking into the healthy living movement. Passengers who don’t want to pay for a subway ticket in Moscow can do 30 squats in exchange for a free ticket on the train. Many employers out there offer some type of healthy living incentive for their employees. Even Nike has entered into the fold with their FuelBand. The original Fuelband came out in 2012 as a way to motivate people to have a more active lifestyle. To the casual observer, it looked like a cool wristband that lit up. However, using a built-in accelerometer it measured pretty much everything you did, such as walking 2 miles, running on the treadmill, and whatever other ways you decided to move throughout the day. You’d set a goal at the beginning of the day, and the Fuelband would change colors as you met or did not meet your goal.

Nike FuelBand SE Fails To Get Moving

A year and a half later, Nike has decided to come out with a revamped version of the Fuelband, choosing to simply call it the FuelBand SE. What’s so special about it? Well, not so much as it turns out.

Standard Edition Or Special Edition?

It seems the biggest change with the FuelBand SE are the colors. You can choose from orange, green, white, pink, silver, gold, and rose gold. There are also many size options with this go round. The Fuelband SE also uses bluetooth 4.0, allowing the battery charge to last longer throughout the week. Other than those options, though, not all that much has really changed, and that’s a shame, because this could be a really helpful fitness tracker.

What’s still surprising is that the FuelBand SE does not have a heart rate monitor – you’d think a device designed to help you get more fit would be able to monitor your heart rate. Maybe their next design will incorporate it – one can only hope.

If you own an original FuelBand, unless you’d like to trade it in for a different color, there’s probably not a good enough reason to go out and buy one. It’s too much of the same. If you don’t already own one, though, it may just help to motivate you to get moving.

Oh, this might just be the ultimate deal breaker – it only offers an app for iOS users.

If you currently use a FuelBand SE, what are your thoughts?